Music From The Beartooths has evolved from an experimental concert series, the Red Lodge FRINGE Festival.


The intent of the reorganization in 2016 has been to broaden the scope, and to provide a basis for a more tightly knit integration of the performing arts individuals and organizations throughout the Red Lodge region. The concert and performance series runs from September through May, providing an outlet and channel for all the performing arts—though a greater part of the events may feature music performance.

The FRINGE was founded in 2013 out of a need for an expanded performing arts environment in Red Lodge while we are waiting and hoping for a comprehensive new Performing Arts Center. Several years ago, the Red Lodge Public Schools Foundation examined the current and future performing arts needs and determined that those needs can only be satisfied by a new facility dedicated to the performing arts, shared by the schools and community. Red Lodge has a distinguished history of presenting a rich variety of performance events, and two nationally known performing arts festivals: the Red Lodge Music Festival, and the Red Lodge Festival of Nations. Their history goes back more than fifty years, when the Red Lodge Civic Center was new and provided a fine space for large events. Over the years new demands for performance space have arisen, and at the same time the claims of the schools, which are custodians of the Civic Center, have impacted the civic functions of that space. We aim to broaden the spectrum of performing arts events and to find ways to best utilize the existing performance spaces in the Red Lodge Area.

The General Director is Dr. Gerald Davidson, who has been involved in the The Red Lodge Festival of Nations and the promotion of a new Performing Arts Center.  He was one of the leaders of a taskforce who, in 1998 and 1999, explored the possibilities of a Red Lodge Convention and Performing Arts Center.  He has also written program notes for the Red Lodge Music Festival.