Mayor’s Day for AmeriCorps Vista!

Photo Credit: Alastair Baker, Carbon County News

To spotlight the impact of national service and thank those who serve, the Red Lodge Mayor, Mike Shoenike, and City Officials participated in the fifth-annual Mayor and County Recognition Day for National Service.

Combined, during the past 7 years,

 21 AmeriCorps have served 29 years,

60,320 hours to positively impact the Red Lodge, Carbon County area.


Currently, we have 4 AmeriCorps serving our community right now. They are currently committed to 6 years @2080 hours a year for a total of 12,480 hours. Each AmeriCorps executes an assessment, develops a strategic plan and creates at least one long term asset.


Name/Program Area/Years served

  • Beth Williams, MT Food Corps: Connect kids to Healthy Food in schools (2)
  • Katelyn Essig, Energy Corps: City building solar panels, recycling (2)
  • Brooke Klaess, School Climate & Youth Internships (1)
  • Carly Kyte, Navigators & Age Friendly Community (1)


Over the past 7 years, our previous 17 AmeriCorps served a total of 23 years, contributing 47,840 hours to create important assets for our community that are still vibrant today:


Name/Asset/Years served

  • Jessica Briggs, Carbon County Resource Directory (3)
  • Kristen Hollum, Lunch in the Sun, Connect Carbon County (2)
  • Anne Genereux, Started the middle school youth Mentoring program (1)
  • David Blair, SERVE grant for Veterans (1)
  • Austin Terreri, continued the middle school youth Mentoring program (1)
  • Bill Eichman, Workforce Housing started (1)
  • Stephen Stephan, Online Job Board (1)
  • Alyssa Charney, Youth Garden (2)
  • Emily Howe, Local foods in the school (1)
  • Emma Reilly, Farmers Market Expansion (1)
  • Emma Fernandez, Red Lodge School Wellness Committee (1)
  • Alex Albright, Emerging Artist Grant Fund, Old Roosevelt School Reuse Study (2)
  • Yvonne Johnson, Senior Ark Grant Fund, Developed Navigators, Toy Drives (2)
  • Sam Italiano, Youth Mentorship expanded into the high school (1)
  • Garrison Daly, Healthy Community PEAK created, updated Resource Dir. (1)
  • Natalie Wilson, Workforce Housing Build identified (1)
  • Jenel Bloom, Early Childhood Head Start Transition, Fund created (1)