20161008_170801The Old Roosevelt Design Workshop occurred October 7th-9th. There were
professionals bring expertise such as Architectural Design, Public Spaces,
Program Development, and Business Development, all focusing on how to make Old Roosevelt an incredible asset in our community. Eighty people were involved and were very engaged throughout the entire process and left with a sense of excitement and motivation to keep this project moving forward. The workshop not only focused on the interior of Old Roosevelt, but also the outside spaces. We evaluated how to best connect the building to main street and making the building eye-catching for travelers.

20161006_090148The design workshop has created the need to focus on the programming that will be offered at Old Roosevelt so that the actual building design will support the programs’ needs. Moving forward there will be focus meetings to best plan the programming needs and how to execute the success of these programs.

The Old Roosevelt Project has been in motion for the past 4 years and this upcoming year, the Foundation raising money to purchase the building and continue the use of the building as plans move forward. Our current fundraising goal is $400,000. The $400,000 will be broken down for $200,000 to purchase the building, $100,000 to create a contingency, and $100,000 for staffing. If you are interested in the focus meetings or in supporting Old Roosevelt please visit the Old Roosevelt website.