Computers for Carbon County Kids

Jackie Gerdts-Njos, Youth Program Director, the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation

The Bank of Bridger N.A Family of Banks and the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation are partnering to provide students free computers! Students that may have inadequate access to an in-home computer have the opportunity to receive a free previously owned Dell desktop.

The Bank of Bridger N.A Family of Banks is in the process of changing out computers at three branches, and contacted the Foundation with the hopes that the Foundation could assist the bank with distributing their replaced computers to students and their families, with the mission being to enhance their education through the use of technology at home.

Enthusiasm for technology has led many schools to alter how curriculum is being delivered and how the school communicates with parents and guardians. In an effort to combat the “digital divide” and provide more students with reliable access to in-home computers, we are offering students in K-12 with the chance to apply for a free Dell desktop computer graciously donated by the Bank of Bridger N.A Family of Banks. Although these computers have been previously used, they have been examined, deemed to be in good working order, and ready for student use. The Foundation has developed a simple application that any K-12 student is invited to complete. There are currently seven computers available, with potentially an additional twenty-five available between October and January. Please see below for requirements for the application:

Every student, K-12th grade is eligible to apply for a computer.

Fill out the application and return to RLACF 122 S Hauser Ave, PO Box 1871 Red Lodge, MT 59068

Write a brief story about why you need a computer and how it will be beneficial to your education. (If the child is young, or unable to complete this requirement, a parent or guardian may complete this portion).

You will be notified after your application has been processed, to inform you if you are approved or, or if you will be placed on the waiting list.

*All applications will remain confidential between the parties named herein. This is a one-time donation, and the total number of computers is yet to be determined and will available in three different installments between now and January. If you are not approved after your initial application, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Applications may be obtained by contacting Jackie at 122 S Hauser Ave, by phone at 406-446-2820, or email