The Beartooth Humane Alliance spreads the wealth and generosity to Fun Run Charities. When they received enough funding to cover their operation costs, they made the decision to opt out of the Fun Run so that others would have the opportunity to raise more funds. BHA wrote us with the intentions and kind words.

Our financial needs are met, so let’s spread the wealth!  

Last year we celebrated our 10-year anniversary, and it gave all of us at BHA a chance for reflection. The one undeniable thread running through our history has been the ongoing, unwavering support we have received from our community and beyond. Year after year, generous donations of all sizes have sustained our work. This year, thanks to a single large donation, our budget for general operating expenses has already been met. It’s amazing, and rare for a non-profit to be so financially secure.


After some discussion this spring, BHA board members decided to extend the generosity we’ve received to our community. To do that, BHA will not be participating in the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation’s annual Fun Run For Charities this year.


As you might remember, BHA has been among the top three recipients for donations for several years. This year, we want our generous donors to consider giving the money they had set aside for us to other local charities. Our needs are met, while other organizations are in need, so it just didn’t seem right to us to continue to ask for donations for our general operations.


In the coming year, we may call on our donors to help us meet a specific, unforeseen need, but for now, please continue in your generosity by supporting the great work other non-profits are doing in our community. BHA will continue to be a visible part of the Fun Run because it’s so, well, FUN! We won’t be seeking donations, but we hope you’ll still come by our and say hello. See you after the race!