Keeping People Safe and Healthy

Health and safety are necessary for a good life.  In Carbon County, we are fortunate to have people working everyday to keep us healthy and safe.  Red Lodge Search and Rescue stands ready to search for lost or missing people and to provide assistance when people are injured or in danger, especially in the back country.  As we enjoy hiking and camping in our great back yard, it is great to know that there are skilled and trained individuals who will come to our aid if something wrong occurs. This team of volunteers has demonstrated their commitment to helping on many occasions. If there is a health emergency or an accident, we can all rely on the Red Lodge Emergency Medical Services (EMS), trained volunteers and professionals, to be on the scene as quickly as possible.  These dedicated members of our community save lives and ensure that medical care is received as quickly as possible.  Another group of skilled volunteers working for all of us is the Volunteer Firefighters. Training and equipment that the Fun Run helps fund keeps these friends and neighbors ready to fight structure fires and wildfires during dry times.

Life is not always easy and there are times when we need help, whether that be with food to feed our families or with a safe place to stay when our home is not safe.  Baretooth Cupboards and the Bridger Food Bank provide free food to those in need, no questions asked.  There can be nothing harder for a parent than not having enough food for the children. The stress of providing food for the family in times of need is taken seriously by these two organizations.  When domestic violence or sexual assault endangers our safety Domestic and Sexual Violence Services (DSVS) is there 24 hours a day, providing a safety net and assistance. They provide awareness in the community so individuals can recognize unsafe situations for themselves and loved ones, avoid potential dangers, and seek help when necessary.

Many people live with disabling conditions which make life challenging. Assistance dogs help keep people safe as they go about their daily lives.  Canine Assistants train dogs to enhance the lives of children and adults with disabilities.  These animals make life easier and save lives.  The ability of these dogs to detect seizures, guide their owners, and meet other needs is pretty amazing.

When disaster strikes, we have a medical emergency, or we need medical attention it is so important that we have a great health care providers in our community.  The Beartooth Billings Clinic provides superior health care for our community with a full range of services from same day care to emergency hospital services.  This important work is supported by the Beartooth Billings Clinic Foundation.

Sign up for Fun Run for Charities 13 and make a contribution to your favorite organizations by dropping by the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation at 122 Hauser Ave S, calling 406 446-2820, or by clicking on Fun Run at .