The Foundation strengthens the VOICE of community through hard work and membership funding. A strong, active, committed membership ensures the projects we work on and invest in are the result of the support of lots of people, rather than controlled by a few. Membership offers a connection to the sharing of ideas and holds hope that they can be made possible.

The Foundation builds community through collaboration and cooperation: the true process of working together to create positive impact. We take aspirations and put them into motion through individuals, non-profits, businesses, and government officials. Success hinges on the willingness of the community to cooperate, encourage each other, share factual information, and to “have a go at it” to make true impact. It’s the concept of “we” rather than “I”.

Current project conversations include: the Revitalizing Old Roosevelt, workforce housing, youth internships, youth volunteering, developing skilled professionals, navigators assisting the most vulnerable people connect to services, early childhood development and education, and aging in the community. We have become a stop-gap resource that incubates experiments for a new day.

Why do we need you as a member?

Your voice will bring rise on which assets are most pressing within our community and how they can make the greatest impacts. Help strengthen the voice of Community by becoming a member today!

What Kind of Member do you want to be?

Did you know there are two types of members of the Foundation? We have members who GIVE and members who RECEIVE.

1. Foundation Members

GIVE BACK to the community and lend their voice to identify the developments most pressing to the community and elect our board of directors. A diverse Membership ensures the projects we work on and invest in are of the highest interest and spirit of the Community!

2. Shared Service Center Members

GET ACCESS to Back Office Services which includes Marketing Materials and Graphic Design, Website Design and Service, Shared Spaces, and Asset Sharing. The Shared Service Center was created to fill gaps and provide needed services to the community.

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Want to become a Member?

Become a Member of the Shared Service Center and receive access to Back Office Services!

Full Access Members Receive 24/7 access to the Building, General Access Members do not receive building access.