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Spaces to Learn Campaign


Spaces to Learn is a project to bring Roosevelt Middle School into the 21st century of learning.  Roosevelt Middle School currently serves 127 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Students spend over 7 hours a day within the walls of our school. The mission of Spaces to Learn is to create an environment and culture that students not only enjoy being in, they want to be in it!

To achieve the Spaces to Learn goal, students were given a Quaglia School Voice Survey, which measured 8 conditions: Belonging, Heroes, Sense of Accomplishment, Fun & Excitement, Curiosity & Creativity, Spirit of Adventure, Leadership & Responsibility, and Confidence to Take Action. The results reflected well on the school, however, only 52.3% of middle school students reported “I enjoy being at school.” I have worked closely with staff at the school and we have determined that building a broadcast studio in the middle school would be beneficial to the whole school and help improve it in places where the student survey indicated improvements could be made.

In the School Voice survey 41.5% of middle schoolers reported “students develop programs that improve the whole school.” A broadcast studio will not only bring Roosevelt Middle School into the 21st century of technology by incorporating STEM programing and hands on learning into our schools’ curriculum, it will also empower the students by giving them responsibility for broadcasting their school announcements. This studio will enhance student’s technology and communication skills which they will use throughout their lives. Schools have used broadcast studios for a variety of purposes, which include: producing and broadcasting live student news and announcements, recording and broadcasting guest speakers and assemblies, producing educational and entertaining videos, recording and broadcasting sporting events, concerts and other performances, creating professional development, training and informational videos, and producing promotional videos for local business and community groups. A broadcast studio will be beneficial to our students and their futures.

In the School Voice survey 92.5% of middle schooler reported “I believe I can be successful”, this broadcast studio will help set our students up for their successful and exciting futures. The middle school will use it for morning announcements and a variety of other projects, including filming school activities and creating interactive presentations for core classes. This broadcast studio will be used every day and will incorporate 21st technology into our classrooms, school, and district. Communication skills will be gained behind and in front the camera. Writing scripts will give students real life application of research skills, editing, and grammar. The anchors will gain confidence in their oral communication skills and read comprehension. The production side of students gain experience with media-literacy and technology skills.

In the School Voice survey 33% students reported “students respect each other.” This is a percentage we would like to see increase. The broadcast studio will help students gain confidence, it will improve their teamwork and interpersonal skills. They will gain experience in managing equipment and personnel resources, as well as, problem-solving skills. Students will have to determine the best way to present information to the public in a professional manner. The broadcast studio will teach students to use a methodical approach when using new technology, and a new way to evaluate and process information that they receive from news outlets and TV. A studio will help Roosevelt offer alternative clubs and activities to sports. It will not only benefit our middle school students but our high school students will also be able to use it for educational purposes.

Costs to bring this broadcast studio to Roosevelt are projected to be between $40,000-$50,000. While we are making strides towards that goal, we ask that anyone interested in empowering our Red Lodge youth and helping take the next step on improving our community’s education for years to come, please call us at The Foundation for more information.


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