Check out the Robust Arts and Culture Spring News

Now that spring has sprung we are getting ready for the summer months and enjoying the renewing breath of spring.

Volunteers Making Space for Community

Old Roosevelt is fast becoming a diversified venue for the community – made possible by the many hours donated by our great volunteers. Dedicated individuals have moved supplies, removed lockers, served at events, cleaned the grounds, set up tables and chairs, and been supporters of everything Roosevelt. We are particularly grateful to the high school students from the vocational agriculture program who came and moved lockers to storage– to be used in STEAM maker spaces in the future. Who knew how much 10 students could accomplish in an hour of work. We are removing wall paper and painting the main hall, giving us great space to display art. The performance center looks less like a gym and more like a performance space every day. The basketball hoops have been removed and donated to the Wyola School District. Leonard from Wyola school drove to Red Lodge to pick up the hoops and said “We really appreciate the hoops and they will be well used.” Connect with Betty to learn more.

One Amazing Night

On Thursday, April 12th, national musicians Scott Brownson and Holymntn led an evening of remembrance for the Stewart family who experienced a horrific car accident last year. A Night of Miracles was the community’s chance to come together to hear the family’s stories of the accident and beyond. True to form, the event was very well attended by 199 community members throughout Carbon County and as far away as Billings despite “seasonal” snowfall. In addition to the attendees, the event was live streamed on Facebook to an additional 400 people. This serves as an example of the power of our community and the success events can have in Red Lodge. Engaged individuals passionate about each other and each other’s causes will come out in support! Connect with Mike to learn more.

What’s New at Old Roosevelt

Old Roosevelt is renewing, like a warm spring day, right before our eyes! The required building modifications and the occupancy review will be completed by mid-May. We now have seating for 200 in the performance center, along with a semi-permanent stage, that has already created new memories. We are developing a database of potential conference contacts that could make Red Lodge their next conference location. We have already sent out 200 conference invitations!

Our TEAM is actively writing grants to purchase the desperately needed heating systems and fire suppression systems to open up the much loved third floor of the 1929 side of the building! We have had some sad goodbyes with previous tenants whose business needs changed. We are meeting new tenants who want to make Roosevelt home. On May 17th, we are holding a special engagement event and are inviting artists to help us
create the types of studio spaces that they would like to rent.

Very soon, local artist Janice Polzin will start working to complete the outdoor community mural and new amenities will be coming into fruition. Some of the new amenities will include a well to keep things green, a sprinkler system, bear proof trash cans, a wayfinding kiosk, art sculptures, benches, and a fire pit! The design will be implemented in stages and the first stage is funded by the National Endowment of the Arts grant we received. We would love your help on these projects and all ideas are appreciated. For more information, please sign up to receive the Old Roosevelt Newsletter.


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