In the spring of 2015, The Red Lodge Area Community Foundation hosted 25 community presentations to share information on the current physical state of the building and to facilitate brainstorming sessions about possible uses. Ideas have been generated by thoughtful citizens who are envisioning the restoration of Old Roosevelt to better the place we call home. The results from the presentations and surveys have been collected and analyzed, and will soon be available to share with the community. The community engagement and economic impact studies have been funded through a match grant of $15,000 from the Big Sky Trust Fund, provided by Beartooth RC&D.

In the fall of 2016, there was a design workshop the spanned three days at the Old Roosevelt school. The design workshop was comprised of numerous professionals in Theater Planning, Architecture and Outdoor Space Design, Business Plan and Sustainability, and Multi Use and Shared Space Design. The workshop brought together committed community members with people from across the country to best move forward the development of the project.

In 2017, we purchased the building with the generous support of our donors and the Harper Fund. A & E Architects finalized the preliminary architect report and it was approved. The building remains home to 5 business tenants. We have started to acquire event supplies including chairs, tables, table cloths, wine glasses etc. so that organizations can start to utilize the space for events, performances, and conferences. The Red Lodge Theater Company has supplied a hand built stage and held the first theatrical performance in the space. As interest grows we continue to develop policies and programs for the space to grow revenue streams that will in turn supplement operating costs of the building.


The role of the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation in the Revitalize Old Roosevelt project is that of “neutral convener,” meaning Foundation staff and resources are dedicated to bringing stakeholders and community voices to the discussion, and facilitate decision making and action. Maintaining the highest level of professional transparency is vital to accomplish these goals, and propel the project in a positive direction. We encourage you to review this information, and submit any questions or concerns to:


Plans for the future are constantly being updated. However, based on community and professional feedback to date, we can estimate what some of the future steps will be. Below is a list of these potential future steps – it is not meant to be all-inclusive or rigid. Like most community – led visions, the future is fluid and adaptable:

  • Conduct an architectural study. Through generous funding through the Tippet Rise Fund (Sidney Frank Foundation), a $75,000 grant will support this next phase.
  • Establish a management entity.
  • Apply for the National Registry of Historic Places.
  • Survey for potential tenants / users.
  • Gather additional letters of support / partnership.
  • Establish operating endowment / conduct capital campaign.
  • Develop program development plan through focus meetings.


Working Documents

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The 2016 Design Workshop

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Photos and Videos

The Design Focus Groups

View the notes and developments from the community focus groups

Floor Plan for the Future Old Roosevelt


The first floor of the Future Old Roosevelt includes theater space, a catering kitchen, retail/studio space, concessions, meeting spaces, and lots of space for circulation.


The second floor will host the balcony and cat walk of the theater, more retail and studio space, and meeting space.


The third floor of the Old side of the building will continue the multi use spaces and another small theater area in the Old Library.