Youth Programs Steering Committee Convenes January 23rd

Chelsea Ditmore, Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, Marketing and Outreach

If you are interested in youth, then this is the meeting for you! From outdoor activities, support in classrooms, or indoor activities, there are many programs and several funds in place for our community’s youth. Programs exist through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers and organization who see opportunities to help provide positive activities, financial support, and strong role models for youth of all ages.

Once a year these people and organizations get together to discuss successes, future opportunities, and seek each other’s opinions and support for challenges they have been met with. These meetings provide the insights of the community and create an opportunity to address the issues that our youth may face. Tracy Timmons, Executive Director at the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation stated,

“We have been facilitating this annual meeting for five years. The meetings draw representatives from all youth service organizations, along with youth focused community members, once a year to share information about their programs, their successes, their insights, their needs, and explores how we can work together even more to strengthen the voice of youth. With that big picture, we all work throughout the year to improve and strengthen a wide variety of youth development and engagement approaches. We are fortunate to have so many people focused on the youth in Red Lodge.”

Everyone is welcome to join the meeting on January 23rd from 4pm to 5pm at the Senior Center. Please attend and get involved with the future of the youth of Red Lodge.