PrintProviding lifelong sanctuary to non-releasable native Montana wildlife while sharing a message of education and conservation.


Purpose for fundraising:

Providing lifelong sanctuary to non-releasable wildlife requires dedication and significant funds, and every year we continue to expand and make improvements in order to pursue our mission at the highest standard. To do so, we rely solely on our admission fees, gift shop purchases, private donors, and foundations that contribute to our cause. These funds support all aspects of operations including feeding our wild residents, building new habitats, buying medication for our geriatric animals, and facility maintenance. Your support will directly impact every animal at our sanctuary, and will also support our community and surrounding communities who benefit from our educational programs on and off site. It takes hard work to keep the sanctuary running, and without our generous donors we would not be operating today. Our animals need us, and you, to maintain their home for years to come.

Impact of work:

We currently provide sanctuary to over 40 species representative of the Greater Yellowstone Region. These are animals that could not be rehabilitated or released into the wild and would be euthanized without the devoted staff and supporters of YWS. For the animals that end up in our care, we provide habitats and enrichment programs that lead to fulfilling lives outside of the wild. We also utilize our wild residents for educational purposes. Programs like in-depth tours and wildlife encounters give visitors from across the country an opportunity to learn more about our animals and their habitats. Furthermore, we offer educational programming across five counties for high school students and kids K-12 that focuses on learning about native Montana wildlife while fostering environmental stewardship. Through these programs, we connect our animals at the sanctuary with their wild counterparts, which will lead locals and visitors alike to appreciate and try to protect the species that make the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem so extraordinary.


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