Helping Heroes Move On

“The Operation Second Chance ‘Montana Adventures’ was started with a goal of supporting combat wounded, injured, or ill veterans by getting them away from hospitals and doctor appointments to help them recover mentally as well as physically.”

Our Primary Purpose for Fundraising is to support the Montana Adventures arm of Operation Second Chance. Through our outdoor activities provided by Montana Adventures, and our many caring volunteers and donors, we provide opportunities for combat wounded, injured, or ill veterans and their wives to come to Red Lodge and participate along with other injured veterans in many activities, such as hunting, horseback riding, ATV rides, fly-fishing while floating the Yellowstone River, skiing, and tours through Yellowstone Park. On our retreat activities in Red Lodge, veterans will participate along with other veterans and wives providing the opportunity for them to reconnect with other veterans and caregivers to enjoy activities that will motivate them through their recovery. Funds raised through the Fun Run are all provided for support of Montana Adventures activities in Red Lodge.

Our support activities support over 40 wounded veterans and wives over the year in Red Lodge. The positive impacts are experienced first-hand by all of our volunteers and donors. The injured veterans participate in activities that they may have never done before and come away with the knowledge that they can get back up and move on with their injuries. They experience new and unique challenges that they thought would never be possible due to their injuries. The only thing we ask is that they never set limitations on themselves because of their injuries. One double amputee that came to Red Lodge to ski in February of this year has since participated in the Boston Marathon.

Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 from the Fun Run. This will help support activities for this year’s schedule of retreat activities. 

or check out the webpage to learn about the opportunities provided by Operation Second Chance