The mission of RSD Inc, is to encourage, support, and assist each person with special needs whom we serve to make choices in his/her life and expand his/her opportunities for growth and personal development

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The Fun Run funds help the individuals served by Beartooth Industries and Homes to expand the availability of activities, of their choosing, that providing them with opportunities for growth and personal development.  We all can list events and life activities that put a smile on our face and we remember forever. The individuals that we work with choose activities that are fulfilling to them.


Beartooth Industries and Homes would like to thank everyone that supported us last year.  Listed below are some of the opportunities/gifts that individuals were able to have:

  • Purchase of a three wheel bike for an individual so he can independently get around town.
  • Rent of a specialized trike that wheel chair bound individuals are able to experience using a bike.
  • Twenty five individuals went on a vacation staying in a motel, riding on a train and participating in a dance with another agency. This is an experience many of them have never had.  It was so eventful that one individual that is non verbal said the word happy three times; he has never said a word before.
  • Individuals were able to attend a day of games and fun in Wyoming.
  • Assistance to help pay for rent and deposits that they could not afford that month because of circumstances that everyone finds themselves in.
  • Going out to dinner
  • Having a great Christmas
  • Computers for them to search the internet and play games on.

Not to mention, the day of the event!! The people we serve are always excited to be a part of the Red Lodge Community. Being involved with the community provides a sense of joy and belonging that every person needs in their lives.