One of the things that I love about my job is the human-to-human connection. Few people can argue the benefit of it; the win-win-win I am always talking about! I attribute a large part of my passion and enthusiasm for building community to the connection to others.


A large part of human connection is our ability to empathize; a basic characteristic that makes us human. Empathy moves people from disconnection into connection. Human connection with one another, our culture, and our environment is what you will find in our newsletters. What really makes people happy? Caring about other people.

The need for people to feel connected runs deep and the pace of our culture can be at great odds with this basic need. Connection is an essential component of our interactions with visitors. Oftentimes, I hear comments from people that they thought they had been “forgotten,” that “no one cared.” We strive to be
inclusive so no one feels left out. Our community thrives because of feeling connections throughout the entire community. There is so much goodness in being connected.

Thank you for being an essential component to connect people and build community. I know you will enjoy the connections in this newsletter and the further realization that we are all in this together!

I appreciate your support of community!

Tracy Timmons- Executive Director