The Future of Montana: Volunteer student volunteers completed over 1,000 hours of community service during the first nine months! Student volunteers tracked their hours and they were recorded on their high school transcripts. Student volunteers made a difference in our … Continued

In spite of the fast pace and pressures of our daily lives, many of our community members take time to volunteer. Everyone has something to give. Recently, the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation celebrated and recognized a few of their … Continued

By Jessica Briggs, AmeriCorps VISTA Setting aside money for medical expenses is a challenge, but a special deferred saving account makes this challenge easier. Created in 2003 and known as a health savings account, an HAS, allows people with high-deductible … Continued

Another great Fringe Festival Concert will be sure to delight as DuoDG, a husband and wife team of percussionist, Mark Goodenberger, and violinist, Denise Dillenbeck combine percussion instruments and a violin to create a fascinating musical evening you won’t want … Continued